Little Beaches Blog entry 1


I will start by saying hello to you new visitors, I will in the next few weeks be frantically adding new designs and products, as this is a new storefront, it requires a lot of attention to the adjusting of pricing between different market locations and genres. 

If you as a visitor would like to add to this blog with a story about your favorite beach, Please submit your photos or text to 

I would like to say that I will be offering a discount code on apparel in exchange for approved blog post submissions. The details will be coming shortly, as coupon codes or discount codes are something that will apply to a single purchase as apposed to a specific product. 

Have you a nice photo of you or a friend wearing our leggings or carrying our tote bags?       If so, please note that once a coupon code is made it will be sent directly to the person submitting the photo. Poor quality photos will not be accepted. Please remember to add as much information about the photo as possible. This will help in placing it on our Facebook page or right here on the Little Beaches website. 

Thank you so much for browsing our store.   

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